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We Are What Whe Do Repeatedly

It's not the way we do, but the habit that makes the difference.

Every single day all companies and organizations collect and process data from various sources and nature. They are the raw material needed to generate management information, and it is essential to use a good system. But by it selve, it's only a "data base", the value is in the information that you can generate and the decisions made based on this information. That's why we chose Odoo and joined committed professionals, with extensive experience and expertise in areas such as Tax and Financial Auditing, CRM and Marketing, Human Resources Consulting, among others, they repeatedly leverage the use of the system, adapting, configuring, giving training so you get accurate and timely information from system.

In ThinkOpen we know that we make the difference. Information is the most important factor in running a business. It's information that gives power to the managers to make informed decisions, these will impact their lives, their businesses, their employees and therefore all that direct or indirectly depends on them.

This is a responsibility we share, and every day, repeatedly we ask ourselves how we can do better.

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Our Success Cases


ThinkOpen Solutions is well prepared. Their solutions are safe, flexible, reliable and most of all very user friendly.

Tomás Metello, CEO AirAtlantic

With the ThinkOpen solutions it become very easy to manage financial and operational all school. In Portugal and Brazil.

António Vila, Professor Primeschool

ThinkOpen Solutions was fundamental in improving management of Liv-In. The ERP is the best option in the market.

Dra Lina Galheto, CEO Liv In

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